… Trumpets played by gracious flamingos in the most vibrant shades of pink, playful butterflies dancing to the sound of music and  meadows and gardens - filled with gelato, macaroons and petite desserts. Crystal sparkle fairies blowing magic dust on berries and flowers, turning them into the most delicious and colorful gelatos!

Bringing luscious colors of the most fruitful sorbets and the creamiest of gelatos ARISTOCRAT KIDS  presents SS2018 collection “Tale of Gelato”... In this collection the brand introduces sparkling and dazzling paillettes, hand embroidered fabrics, silk velvet details and delicate lace made by such well known lace company as Sophie Halett. Fine straw braided capelines sewn by some of the few left italian artisans made into the most precious head pieces, decorated with silk and mastica flowers, carefully hand made petal by petal. Shoes made by royal shoemakers that remind of the magical gardens in the Kingdom of Aristocrat Kids. Delicate embroidered tulles and lace in combination with light silks and natural feathers make Tale of Gelato turn any day into a  magical experience.

As each season, brand presents duly hand made garments and hand crafted accessories.

Famous for its distinguishing fairy tale style, ARISTOCRAT KIDS was established in 2013 and has already gained recognition as internationally emerging luxury children’s brand offering bespoke quality ready-to-wear and accessory collections for girls aged from 9 months to 12 years. Each garment, using the craftsmanship of experienced seamstresses, is duly handmade by a single tailor in ARISTOCRAT KIDS in-house atelier. Each garment comes with a tag, beautifully hand signed by its royal tailor.