Aristocrat Kids is flipping a new page in its Royal Tale to open the next chapter for the SS2015 – “Royal Garden”. The new collection is very ‘airy’ and delicate, mostly portraying soft and sensual colors. Hand dyed lace, soft cotton and silk are absolute corner stones of this collection. The small details, especially loved by Aristocrat Kids are also well noticed in the Royal Garden collection. Handmade accessories from such rarely found material as natural birch bark, combined with cotton and lace; elegant Canotiers and Victorian style head pieces are just a few of them.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and dream away…

… Grand oak trees at the entrance created an imaginary archway into the verdant wonderland. As she looked further, Alexandra found graceful willows leaning over a lily pond, softly colored water lilies slowly dancing around the charming fountain and the most beautifully colored birds, elegant squirrels and magical dragonflies.  The air was filled with little white fairies that came from the blooming dandelions. They seemed to be waltzing in the rhythm of the enchanting melody. She took a step beyond the noble oak trees and gently sat down on the soft grass. Surrounded by tiny marigolds and fragile daisies, she laid down for a moment and closed her eyes to dream away. She dreamt of the castle that once had owned this Royal Garden, of the magical gowns and chapeaus the little princesses wore, and the majestic tee parties. The dream felt so real that she could even hear the giggling of the kids and smell the freshly baked butter scones…

Aristocrat Kids - A Royal Tale was established for the purpose of bringing attention to aristocratic values that had been forgotten by a significant part of the society during this very fast century. It is a label that is focused on bringing its customers highest quality, beauty, natural fabrics (such as silk, cashmere, cotton, wool, etc...) and a story - a fairy tale. Aristocrat Kids is based on a fairy tale and each collection continues the tale by telling a new chapter. The tale is told in a way that brings out the best in kids. It believes that more beauty and positive factors will have a positive long terms effect on our customers.

Aristocrat Kids cares not only for the product but for the ethics of the process of creation. It is an exclusive kids fashion label offering luxurious collections for girls  0-2 and 2-8 years, offering  clothing that is suitable for a special occasion or just an aristocratic everyday life. The brand is recognized for its highest quality standards in production as well as selection of materials and design. All items are 100% hand made in Riga, Latvia, following the highest standards of craftsmanship.


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Photography: Aiga Redmane

Styling: Santa Bindemane

Models: Alexandra, Anabelle, Emilia, Maya

Location: Krimulda manor