Aristocrat Kids - A Royal Tale was established for the purpose of bringing attention to aristocratic values that had been forgotten by a significant part of the society during this very fast century. It is a label that is focused on bringing its customers highest quality, beauty, natural fabrics (such as silk, cashmere, cotton, wool, etc...) and a story - a fairy tale. Aristocrat Kids is based on a fairy tale and each collection continues the tale by telling a new chapter. The tale is told in a way that brings out the best in kids. It believes that more beauty and positive factors will have a positive long terms effect on our customers.

Aristocrat Kids cares not only for the product but for the ethics of the process of creation. It is an exclusive kids fashion label offering luxurious collections for girls  0-2 and 2-8 years, offering  clothing that is suitable for a special occasion or just an aristocratic everyday life. The brand is recognized for its highest quality standards in production as well as selection of materials and design. All items are 100% hand made in Riga, Latvia, following the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Aristocrat Kids - A Royal Tale was established only year ago, but despite this, the previous collection „Majestic Summer” was portrayed in such international blogs as,,, and others.  Has been mentioned in local fashion magazines „Pastaiga”, „L’Officiel Latvia” and kids lifestyle magazine „Mans Mazais”.

During the presentation of the new collection “Magic Bird”, it grabbed the attention of such well known players as Vogue Bambini and Elle magazine!

The new collection FW2014/2015 Magic Bird opens a new chapter to our Royal Tale (please see the MagicBirdFairyTale). This collection portrays strong, aristocratic, saturated colors. These are the colors of the Magic Bird that little princess Alexandra discovers one afternoon in the forest. The bird is uncommonly elegant, graceful and precious. These are the key words that guide through the new collection that is made from such materials as silk, silk taffeta, soft cotton and lace. The collection includes 3 signature sprints – the Magic Forest, Feathers and Gem stones, these are printed on silk, cotton and cotton/silk. 


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Photography: Aiga Redmane

Styling: Santa B. Mihelsone

Models: Alexandra, Anabelle, Emilia, Maya, Patricia

Location: Grand Palace Hotel