ROYAL BABY is a unique line for newborns that holds the very essence of luxury, paying the utmost attention to detail and materials used. This exclusive collection, dedicated to baby boys and girls from 0 months up to 24 months, includes a clothing range, bed linen, toys and tableware.

Each ROYAL BABY item is duly hand made from the best quality natural materials whilst using the highest standards of craftsmanship in respect to heritage of ancient royal techniques.

The uniqueness of all ROYAL BABY hand woven textiles hides in the use of luxurious amber yarn that is woven into the fabrics to provide a soothing and calming effect for the baby.

ROYAL BABY tells the great story of love and affection towards our most precious ones.

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ROYAL BABY uses exclusive fabrics made from the highest quality natural yarns such as linen, silk, royal alpaca, and cashmere. Then, in the atelier of ARISTOCRAT KIDS, they are hand woven together with the scientifically invented, Latvian patented amber yarn to ensure the highest value of each ROYAL AMBER garment and the welfare of its little wearer.



ROYAL BABY offers a selection of handcrafted silverware for the most exquisite first meal experiences.

Hand made by the best artisanal silversmiths, these tools are wrought in sterling silver and plated with gold and platinum promising longevity and durability to all ROYAL BABY silverware creations. Silver is one of the rare metals to have antiseptic characteristics therefore good for children’s health.



ROYAL BABY collection is a unique and exclusive baby line offering handmade garments from the highest quality natural materials. One single tailor, sewing by hand and using a vintage Singer sewing machine and silk threads for the finishing, dedicates all her attention to this special production process requiring many hours of precise and caring work to achieve the highest royal quality standards.



Amber is a natural gemstone with powerful soothing and stress relieving abilities and was once known to be a lucky charm for the kings of Egypt.

More recently amber has been scientifically proven to have the ability to take away stress, ease pains, block ultraviolet rays, regenerate skin cells and keep the body toned. ROYAL BABY collection includes items made with the most precious amber gemstones found in the blue waters of the Baltic Sea and a clothing and bed linen range made from hand woven materials with the luxurious amber yarn.



ROYAL BABY offers luxurious tableware objects made from the finest hand- made porcelain for those who wish to offer their child a royal experience from the very childhood.

Each creation is duly hand-made and plated with gold and platinum to bring luxury to everyday life. ROYAL BABY also offers beautiful china set as a gift for a very special occasion.



All ROYAL BABY hand-made details on garments such as embroidery, fastenings and finishing are all in-house tested in the ARISTOCRAT KIDS atelier to provide the maximum comfort for the baby.

Each ROYAL BABY item is steamed before packaging and shipping to ensure the antiseptic process before handling the precious garment to its ROYAL BABY.



First made out of gold and silver wrapped threads, this ancient lace technique has been highly appreciated by the nobles already during the Renaissance. Today, praising the heritage of craftsmanship, ROYAL BABY collection brings back these exclusive finishing details in its clothing and bed linen collection.